Before any reception, we have to ask permission from late M.R. Kukrit Pramote for using his house as our venue. We have to "Wai" all around the house (5 places to be exact.) but I got only 2 good shot.

Upstair before the door.

In the back Garden


Now, this is more like mini-ceremornies which we trim down the real ceremonies into minimum possible.

This is where we receive our "puang malai". I have no idea what is it in English.

Dowry from me to her parents (Show me the MONEY!)

Giving her wedding ring. (Woot)

Now, she is giving me back my wedding ring. (Now, everyone will know I am married)

Well.. This is it. We now pay respect to everyone here at the ceremony.

And we take photo when everything is not so intense / busy anymore.