Friends........ Here they come.

OMG.. who are they? The one on the right most is Kaeng....

I have no idea.

Lets see... She is Toey... He is her friend.

Hmm.. I know Kwan on the right.. but the one beside me... his name just disappear on my lips

Arkar and Soe (thanks to him for all the pictures we see now)

Sit and Kung and family...Now, I have to catch him up on kids

Jhay Mark (thats how my wife call him)

Khine Zin Myint (right most) and sisters... I don't know their name (sorry)

Pui (or Ayuma) and friend.

Jhay Mark, Kwan, Tak and P xxx (sorry)

Ms. xxx, Joom, Kaeng, Her bf, End

Ahem Ahem .. Who are they?


XXX and YYY again.. in different clothes.

Friends from School (or Univ)

(from Far left) Naw Naw, Arkar, Win Tint Naing, Phyo Wai linn, Ye Myint Oo, Thein Than

Win Tint Naing, Phyo, Ye Myint Oo, Thein Than

Htut Wynn Htut (Putu), Zayar Min (ko Gyi) and Soe

Mr. and Mrs. Thiha

Sit and Pu

Kyaw Htet Linn (Pu Gyi), Minn Yu Aung (Chee Tone), and Thet Maung Maung Lwin (Pho Thar)